All my work is inspired by real life. Every piece has a story behind it and each range has a particular inspiration abstracted through design.
— Mir


Flow is inspired from the lakes and landscape of Westmeath. Growing up in the midlands I was constantly surrounded by the lakes around Mullingar. As a family, we spent our Sunday afternoons skimming stone along the water and racing sticks in streams. ripples and waves that were created by these activities always intrigued me and I was inspired to design a jewellery range that captured this movement and pattern from my childhood.


Flare is inspired by all the small connections we make with people in our lives. Each point of a triangle represents the link or relationship we have with different people and how they in turn have an association with others. It is these small links that tie us all together, weather it be a friend or a stranger on the street, we all in small way intersect with one another throughout our lives. This range captures the pattern and connection of different relationships as they flourish. Like a Flare it starts small, expands and grows, similar to friendships we make through the course of our lives.


Fusion is a range based on the city scape of Dublin. I studied in Dublin for five years and have many family ties to the city and it was over these years that its buildings and architecture that inspired the collection. I loved the way the buildings over-lapped and jutted out from each other. Through simplified sketches I took the Central bank in Temple bar and its surrounding buildings and abstracted them to create this geometric range.

About Miriam

Miriam Wade is an Irish goldsmith and designer from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. It was her love of creating three-dimensional sculptural pieces as a child that encouraged Miriam to study jewellery and metalwork at NCAD in Dublin. She then went on to study on The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland Jewellery & Goldsmithing Skills course. Since graduating in 2013, Miriam has gained experience working in the jewellery trade whilst also designing pieces for her new collection of jewellery.

Miriam’s design style can be defined as a combination of organic pattern and geometric form. With these amalgamated design styles her jewellery pieces keep in line with simple but modern design that remains timeless and elegant.

With ever changing trends in fashion Miriam finds new inspirations that drives her ever evolving design and making of jewellery. She aims to further explore the possibilities of working with new technologies in combination with traditional techniques and precious materials.

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